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As the launch partner of GamerToken, gamigo group is launching a test version of Fiesta Online to demonstrate the project. GamerToken is a blockchain based token that will reward players for achievements, give them the opportunity to buy, sell, and exchange unique digital assets on a global marketplace, and improve the security of in-game transactions. We would like to invite you to take a look at our new project, and try a working demo of the product. You can play the game, earn rewards, trade unique items in the marketplace and buy demo in-game currency using free tokens and view the resulting transactions on the blockchain:

  • Use the GamerToken demo wallet, credited with free demo tokens.
  • See transactions in game and wallet balance changing based on in-game rewards (see below) and purchases.
  • Trade unique items in the marketplace.
  • Buy demo in-game currency

The test environment is based on a replica of Fiesta Online and will run completely independently of the current version. Fiesta Online is one of gamigo’s longest standing and most popular titles. The fantasy MMORPG will be the basis of the test product. Nothing is changing in the original game, so players can keep their progress and can continue playing exactly like before.

In-game Demo Rewards

Reward Tokens Achieved
Wallet creation 2000 Once
Character Creation 1 3 per account
Tutorial finished 2 3 per account
Daily reward 1 Daily
Kill 5 monsters 2 Daily
Complete Quests 2 Always